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OMNITRONIC NAT-22 Audio transmitter 10356490

CobraNet(TM) audio network transmitter

Real-time audio transmission of the CobraNet(TM) signal
2 analog input channels (bal.)
2 analog input channels (bal.)
CobraNet(TM) and Ethernet connection port
Independent MCU control for running the transmitter without a PC
Every channel can be controlled independently
Firmware can be updated via RS-232 port
All setup parameters can be stored in permanent flash memory
Redundant network connection
Operation possible without PC after configuration
Automatic ajdustment to regional power supply systems
Transmission of up to 64 channels (20 bit/48 kHz) via category 5 cable
48 kHz sampler frequency with a bitrate of 20
Maximum cable length 100 m (category 5 cables)
Incl. mounting brackets for 483 mm rack installation (19") (2 U)

Price (if shown) inc Vat + P&P

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